High Arctic Expedition 2018

Expedition Touring into wilderness areas leaving footprints where none have been left before. Our experience was exhilarating, exceeding our wildest dreams – A Life Experience
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Arctic Videos some videos from the expedition

Wonderous Wildlife Pictures
In the wild, animals don’t line up for pictures. We watched lots of animals with binoculars, with photos of only a few. I think we saw more animals than other voyages, with some extremely rare viewings.

  • We did see 10 Polar Bears (see video), 2 swimming in the ocean which is rare indeed
  • An Arctic Fox playing on the beach with an Arctic Hare watching from a rock
  • Peacefully feeding of the largest concentration of Bowhead whales in the world (video)
  • A collection of Narwhal was unique, Wayne’s picture was fortuitous
  • Waves of Beluga in the evening playing in the shallows was spectacular (see videos)
  • Playful Walrus (see video)

Pristine Wilderness Scenery Pictures
Its impossible to describe the sensation of being in the arctic wilderness. Also hard to capture the immenseness of what we are viewing. 6 thousand ft peaked mountains coming out of the sea, with hanging glaciers between them that reach back into an icecap. View some of our attempts.

Kangerlussuatsiaq, Cape Mercy, Isabela Bay, Sam Ford Fjord, Dundas Harbour, Crocker Bay, Lancaster Sound, Powell Inlet, Philpots Island, Coutts Inlet

Pictures from Arctic Community Visits
The small isolated Baffin Island communities were interesting. With wet beach landings, elders met us as we walked out of the water, and willing locals guided us thru the community highlights ending with an event in the community center (see throat singing video). Very friendly and happy people.

Greenland fishmen (see video). Bev learnt to write her name in Inuit. She also played the drums to talk with the ancestors (See video).

Greenland capital city Nuuk, small Inuit communities on Baffin island of Pangnirtung, Qikiqtarjuak, Pond Inlet. Short visit of Nunavut capital city Iqaluit.

Arrival of Oliver James

big boy at 9 lbs 2 oz

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