Wildlife – High Arctic Expedition 2018

Pictures of most of the mammals – Bearded Seal, Harp Seal, Ringed Seal, Walrus, Humpback Whale, Bowhead Whale, Minke Whale, Narwhal, Beluga, Polar Bear, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Musk Ox

According to the Birders we saw – Snow Goose, Red-throated Diver, Great Cormorant, Northern Fulmar, Mallard Anus, Common Eider, King Eider, Long-tailed Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, Purple Sandpiper, Red Phalarope, Ruddy Turnstone, Red-necked Phalarope, Long-tailed Skua, Arctic Skua, White-tailed Eagle, Gyrfalcon Falcon, Peregrine Falcon, Glaucous Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Iceland Gull, Black-legged Kittiwake, Black Guillemot, Little Auk Alle, Brunnich’s Guillemot, Lapland Longspur, Snow Bunting, Northern Wheatear,
Hoary Redpoll, Common Raven
Not sure which birds are in the gallery – but some of them are

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